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Stand Still

Pastor Scott George - February 17, 2019

This week's PC Share:

Standing still and responding properly to life’s battles will assist you in moving forward.

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Exodus 14:13-14 (GW), Moses answered the people, “Don’t be afraid! Stand still, and see what the Lord will do to save you today. You will never see these Egyptians again. The Lord is fighting for you! So be still!”

Be Still: 1 Kings 19 - Elijah

Sit Still: Luke 10 - Mary and Martha

Stand Still: Exodus 14 - Moses

8 Lessons I’ve Learned From Battles I’ve Fought

1. Everyone has Battles

2. No one Wins every battle

3. People fight battles Differently

4. Some battles aren’t Worth fighting

5. How you Respond to battles determines your future

6. Some battles keep Repeating themselves

7. God fights your battles Better than you do

8. God won’t fight Every battle for you

In case you missed them...


1. Battles   

2. Wins   

3. Differently   

4. Worth    

5. Respond   

6. Repeating   

7. Better   

8. Every